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About Allodia Corporation

Allodia Corporation creates trading software products that enables equity market investors to achieve superior returns. Our software uses rigorously-tested algorithmic strategies to make actionable trading recommendations.

If you are using the Interactive Brokers platform on Microsoft Windows® and would like to outperform the market with lower volatility, please contact us for a demo.


Allodia is looking for talented people who possess the motivation and initiative to reach their career potential. We are seeking:
  • Software developers with experience in finance, unstructured text search, and algorithm development. Recent graduates (2-5 years of experience) of top-tier universities are especially encouraged to apply.
  • Experienced sales managers with extensive existing contact networks.
Please send a cover letter and a resume/CV to [email protected].

Contact Us

Allodia Corporation

1819 Polk St. #403
San Francisco, CA 94109

[email protected]